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Street Fighter is a great online head-to-head action game where you have to battle against the strong rivals. With this Street Fighter cool math, you can enhance your fighting skills and receive tons of interests from this addictive game. There are lots of characters in this game for your selection. Pick up your favorite one then head out for the deadly battle. You need to perform your great martial arts, try to punch, jump and kick to defeat the opponent down. Don’t forget to dodge the foe attack, or else your health bar will be decreased. Ok, it’s time to enter the slashing battle with Street Fighter now!


For Player 1: Use arrow keys to move, tap key number 1,2,4,5 to perform fighting skills. Press key number 7 to run, key number 8 to roll
For Player 2: Use key EDFS for the movement, press key BNHJ to attack the enemies, key K for running, key L for rolling


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