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Check out another 2 Player game to experience new crazy challenges! Mighty Knight 2 unblocked sends greetings to all the fans! Let’s join the game and see if you can complete the awesome mission or not! The world is in danger, only a hero with excellent skills can save the day! That hero is you! You are supposed to help the world using your power to repel all the evil and restore the peace. Does it sound hard? Let’s give it a shot now! Mighty Knight 2 will always await your help! Good luck!


Use the keys WASD or arrow keys for the movement, key J to attack, key R to restart, spacebar to change the character, key KL to use skills, key numbers 1234 for hotkeys
1 Player mode: Use keys WASD to move, spacebar to change the character, key GH to use skills, key F for attacking
2 Player mode: Use the arrow keys for the movement, press key “,” to attack, key “/” for skills, key “\” to change character


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