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You will have two choices to become one of two famous character in Man or Monster Hacked. Man or Monster, which is one of the most Hacked Games, will give you a great chance to play as two characters with two different missions. Choice is yours, so choose it before starting your game. As for the monster, your mission is to destroy the cities as much as possible. But as for the man, you will become a hero whose aim is to defeat the monster and protect the cities. How does it sound? Cool, right? No more waiting, let’s decide who you will be in the awesome Man or Monster. Have fun!


Use the key WASD for the movement
Use your mouse for aiming, click left mouse for primary attack
For the man: right mouse for Jetpack, tap spacebar to build unit, click mouse scroll to choose unit.
For the monster: right mouse for secondary attack, spacebar to use special attack, click mouse scroll to select special attack.


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