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After waiting for a long time, finally the second version of Bubble Struggle series arrives. Enjoy Bubble Struggle 2 unblocked now to get a new inspiration. This game brings more game modes. You can choose your favorite mode before starting. Your mission in this version is to move your alien and destroy all the bubbles in the short time. When you shoot the bubble, it will break up into small bubbles. Be careful! Don’t let them hit you, or this game will finish immediately. Hope you have a great moment with Bubble Struggle 2 unblocked.


For one player mode: Use the arrow keys to move, use spacebar to release the spear.
For two-player mode:
Player 1: Use key WASD to move, use Q to release the spear
Player 2: Use the arrow keys to move, press key number 0 to release the spear


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