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2 Player Bomb It Kart Racer online is the challenging competition for those who want to show the driving skill. In this game, your track will be blocked by a countless number of opponents and other obstacles. Try to avoid the damage and not to overturn unless you will take the time to calm down and relief the dizziness. Remember to collect items and use them to increase your ability. Cool Math Bomb It Kart Racer looks like the maze with a colorful background. Drive ahead and reach the finish line in the short time. Have fun!


For single player, you use the arrows to drive, Space to drift, X to use items, R to reset and P to pause.
To player mode:
For the first player, you use AWSD to move, Space to drift, E to use items, R to reset. For the second player, you use the arrow keys to move, numbers to drift and use items, Enter to reset.


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