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Zombs.io game pits you against waves of hungry zombies. When you step into the arena of Zombs.io battle royale, you have to get some resources for yourself and choose an area to create your base. The area should be surrounded with stones and trees. The next thing you do is to make a gold stash and keep it safe at all costs. You can use some defensive walls and weapons to encircle around your base too. To earn gold, you can create gold mines that produce more gold for you. Also, you must craft some advanced weapons or purchase the new ones from the shop and use them to conquer all zombies. If you want to have a bigger base with better defense, you can work together with other people. You should do whatever it takes to keep yourself and turn into a real survivor. Will you give Zombs.io online a try? Let's play it now!


Use WASD to move around the map, the left mouse to collect resources, or attack enemies or build buildings. Use the right mouse or Esc to unselect, use Q to change weapons, B to open the shop menu and P for the party menu.


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