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Play Dead Zed Hacked to get special feelings that you can’t get in Dead Zed Unblocked. Join now to feel the difference. This is another zombie annihilation game but you need to approach it with a strategic mindset. Shoot down zombies and carefully utilize other survivors in order to ensure your continued survival during a zombie apocalypse. After taking out the zombies, you should learn how to use the rest of the survivors. When you are in danger, need only to use hack bar, you will overcome. Wish you happy!


You use left mouse button to shoot, use R or double click when empty to reload, use 1 or 2 to Switch weapons, use F to Switch fire more, use M to mute and use ESC to pause
You use hack bar: Press 3 to toggle health, press 4 to toggle ammo (There is no display), press 5 to money


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